JCDL 2006:  Opening Information Horizons

Metadata Tools for Digital Resource Repositories Workshop

June 15, 2006, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Evaluating Metadata from Different Perspectives

Anne Diekema, Research Professor, Syracuse University
Dr. Anne Diekema is an Assistant Research Professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University with an appointment to the Center for Natural Language Processing, where she is leading their NSF funded National Science Digital Library (NSDL) project, resulting in the development of the CAT Tool. Diekema has worked in the field of NLP for close to eleven years on numerous different funded projects in the fields of information retrieval, cross-language information retrieval, digital libraries, educational standards, and question-answering.

In this talk we will discuss types of metadata evaluation based on several digital library projects CNLP has participated in. The following topics will be included:
  1. evaluating systems that automatically assign metadata
  2. evaluating the metadata assigned
  3. assessment of the usefulness of metadata and,
  4. comparison of metadata assigned automatically and manually