JCDL 2006:  Opening Information Horizons

Metadata Tools for Digital Resource Repositories Workshop

June 15, 2006, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Usage of RDF in Web Services

Charles McCathieNevile, Standards and Specifications Specialist, Opera Software
Charles McCathieNevile is the Chief Standards Officer at Opera Software, currently working on SVG, mobile web development, and web API development. He previously spent 6-odd years at W3C working on Semantic Web and Accessibility, after working his way up from a position as a barman and an education in medieval history and dead languages.

While Opera is mostly known for its cross-platform web browser, it also maintains a community site for around half a million members, from developers to people who simply want to post their photos.
This site has been a space where Opera has tested large-scale RDF services, such as giving each member their own FOAF data, and releasing one of the first multi-million triple SPARQL services.
This presentation will discuss some of the thinking that led to the development of these services, and look at some further services that members of the public (from "JibberJim" to Sir Tim Berners Lee) have built on top of them.