JCDL 2006:  Opening Information Horizons

Metadata Tools for Digital Resource Repositories Workshop

June 15, 2006, Chapel Hill, NC, USA


The workshop will take place in room HSL 527 of the Health Sciences Library building:
[directions] [details on the room] [Google Map].
All standard presentation devices will be available.


[9:00 – 9:20]

PART 1 – A: Application design challenges and solutions [9:20 – 10:20]

1. ERC "Kernel" approach to metadata and web retrieval service

2. Metadata Integration: Application Profiles and Harvesting
Break [10:20 – 10:50]

PART 1 – B: Application design challenges and solutions [10:50 – 12:30]

1. Facets and Metadata Search

2. Usage of RDF in Web Services 3. Metadata Quality and Evaluation
Lunch [12:30 – 1:30]

PART 2: Exhibition [1:30 – 3:00]

Selected presentations of metadata tools, including DL/metadata management tools. Presenters: Software developers and companies. List of Exhibitors

We have 11 Exhibitors, but there is room for a few more. Interested exhibitors should submit a brief abstract about the functionalities and special features of their application to Thomas Severiens: severiens AT mathematik.uni-osnabrueck.de, or Jane Greenberg: janeg AT ils.unc.edu. All presenters will display their applications in an open setting. Workshop participants will be able to roam the exhibition space and view applications as well as dialog with other workshop attendees.

Break [3:00 – 3:20]

PART 3: Application evaluation and improving communication [3:20 – 5:00]

A discussion on improving communication in the metadata tool community. Attendees will break-out into smaller groups and then join together as a unified group to address a series of targeted questions compiled by the Workshop’s Advisory Committee. Questions will target means for sharing evaluation methods and improving communication within the metadata/DL tool community. Questions will be disseminated to all participants prior to the workshop, and posted on the workshop website.

Discussion facilitators: