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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Information and Library Science

Human-Computer Interaction Seminar, INLS 818, Course Instructor
  Readings and discussion on HCI topics, semester project, in-class presentations
  Topics: usability, HCI models & theories, information interfaces, interaction, evaluation

Web Databases, INLS 760, Course Instructor
  Graduate-level course to apply and combine web and database technologies
  Topics: PHP, MySQL, ASP, Ruby on Rails, HTTP, Security, Session Management

Database Systems III: Advanced Databases, INLS 723, Course Instructor
  Graduate-level advanced database course, third course in database series
  Topics: Indexing, transactions, Oracle, PL/SQL, Datalog, distributed databases

Seminar in Personal Information Management, INLS 490, Co-Instructor with Deborah Barreau
  Readings and discussion on research on PIM, semester project, in-class presentations
  Topics: Finding/Refinding/Reminding, Keeping and Organizing, Tools, Home/Work/School contexts

Virginia Tech
Department of Computer Science

CS Deptartment Graduate Student Teaching Award

Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, CS 3724, Course Instructor
  Junior/Senior level course to introduce students to HCI and usability engineering
  Topics: Requirements, Design, prototyping, usability evaluation

Operating Systems, CS 3204, Course Instructor
  Junior/Senior level course introducting OS concepts
  Topics: Processes, threads, concurrency, scheduling, memory managment

Data Structures, CS 2604, Course Instructor
  Sophomore level course taught using C++
  Topics: Lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, sorting, complexity analysis

Washington University in St. Louis
Department of Computer Science

Introduction to Engineering Computing, CS 125, Course Instructor
  Computing tools for engineering students
  Topics: DOS, Unix, Mathematica, Excel, Pascal
  • Four semesters, 1991 – 1994

Introduction to Computer Science, CS 101, Lab lecturer
  Introductory course for CS majors taught using the Scheme programming language
  Topics: Problem decomposition, recursion, abstraction, object-oriented principles
  • Two semesters, 1991 – 1993

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